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Managed Toner

With the AMC 360 app, Amcom will know before you do that you’re low on toner.  How it works is the app scans your network once a day and reports the toner levels on your networked devices to Amcom.  If a device reports toner below 20%, the app alerts the Amcom supply team.  A supply team member then verifies your order history and the last time the cartridge was replaced.  If you have not ordered a cartridge since one was last replaced, the team member will place the toner order for you.  Within the next couple of business days, the toner will arrive on site via UPS or FedEx.

What supplies are monitored?

Only toner is monitored. Other consumables like waster toner bottles, drums, and fusers are not monitored.

What devices will receive toner?

We will supply you with a spreadsheet of devices that are eligible for Managed Toner Replenishment.

When will I receive my toner?

We will send toner once your toner reaches 20% remaining. If you plan on printing a large volume, please call and order in advance as the replacement toner takes at least 2 business days to arrive to your location.

How do I sign up for this program?

To sign up for the Managed Toner program you need to have the 360app installed on your network. To get the app installed and to enable your account for the Managed Toner program contact our ODI (On Demand Install) Line 877-695-9000 option 4.