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AMC360 Process

AMC 360 is a revolutionary assessment methodology.

The AMC 360° Assessment measures the core areas required to achieve true optimization. It is a multi- source approach that delivers a comprehensive snapshot, providing clear visibility into each of seven core business areas. Integrated reporting tools deliver concrete, actionable guidelines for complete alignment of all technology and business process initiatives.

Understand Culture

In-depth look at the key factors of corporate culture that can be used to confirm that strategies align to specific business objectives.

Inventory Technology

Snapshot of a company’s current environment including the identification of underutilized, obsolete and redundant assets.

Analyze Usage

Capture utilization data for all technology and assets using a non-invasive collection tool that captures data from both networked and non-networked assets.

Capture Costs

Understand the total cost of ownership with an in-depth review of both the direct and the indirect costs associated with technology and asset usage as well as ongoing maintenance.

Review Workflow

Review Workflow: Blueprints how information flows and identifies any bottlenecks or inefficiencies.

Examine Processes

A thorough examination of administrative functions including procurement and internal IT processes.

Study Sustainability

Sustainable working practices help companies become more environmentally friendly by:

Lowering energy consumption
Lowering CO2 output and emissions for an improved carbon footprint
Reducing paper waste
Using less consumables
Remaining energy conscious